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Cane Corso Security Second to NONE when it counts!
If you’re looking for a lifelong K-9 companion for yourself, your family, your children, or your mother , than pull up a chair grab your cup of Joe, relax,  & allow me to tell you all about the Cane Corso & how this one K-9 bred will not only melt your heart, love your babies, watch over your mother,  with the most affectionate love,& loyalty,  ever witnessed in a Cane Corso,  than  you’ve arrived at the right place that makes all the above not only true, but is bred into them naturally!!  Allow Mundy’s Bottom Hill Barker to tell you just how loving & loyal the Cane Corso truly is! And yes a Security system that is second to none!!
 Besides all the love your heart can handle, & the fun you & your family will have with the Cane Corso, this  Breed Protects their own to the very end! Let me explain! The Cane Corso is truly a breed like no other, with its fierce looking appearance, & the fact this Italian mastiff was bred to hunt wild boar, the Cane Corso will defend & protect their family, & home, to the very end!( Who needs a 24/7 monitoring system)?.  The Cane Corso is such a very highly intelligent breed, it knows who belongs & who is potentially planning to cause harm! Make no doubt about it, this gentle breed knows by instincts’ (again, we are talking about a “Very Highly Intelligent Breed) who know's your friends are, & whose not!  Whether you’re Going out for the night, or settling in for the evening, rest assure you, your family, your mother, will have that piece of mind knowing their trusty, devoted, companion is watching over them!  Make no mistake this is a breed that will protect their love ones, knows the difference between a friend & a foe, and trust me, will most certainly not lead the intruder to your cookie cupboard! How does that saying go…oh yes…you only  call 911 after Thugs have broken into your home, or if you have a 24/7 monitoring system, can be during the break in, & who knows for sure if the intruder/Thugs, are only there to steal?  Now that you have not only a family companion who will give their life’s for their families (Cane Corso) , both the scenarios mentioned above would never happen! God help the uninvited intruder if they do decide to pay an unexpected visit!  We do not have the luxury of living in a world where nothing bad ever happens, I’m not trying to use fear mongering, turn on your TV, radio, enough said. I’m only pointing out the true facts regarding a Cane Corso, they are loving & loyal, they protect their family, & they know the difference regarding your friends, neighbors & someone that is planning harm, they are all that, a “Highly Intelligent breed, a loving, loyal dog, that loves & plays with their children (yes theirs, once a Cane Corso is invited to be a part of your family, they think they own you, you are theirs, not the other way around, please do not let that bother you, as I have been saying, the Cane Corso protects their own, & at the same time will listen to your commands, they are known for being loyal)! & a protector all in one! Please note: We are not in anyway saying the Cane Corso is an aggressive dog, far from it! The Cane Corso's temperament is love & loyalty, well balanced, you will need to do your homework & make sure your Cane Corso came from a loving breeder who puts the Cane Corso's  needs from birth in a loving environment, know your breeder!   So now you know a bit about the Cane Corso lets learn some more about this loyal breed!
This Italian mastiff was bred to hunt wild boar, & make a great family protector! Fiercely devoted to his family, makes him protective when strangers come unannounced. More athletic and agile than other mastiffs, he’ll sit at your feet with love & devotion in his eyes, the Cane Corso truly loves his family, & most devoted to his children that are in his family! Take that to the bank!
A Cane corso is not for everyone! He is a powerful dog & can weigh up to 140 pounds! If you are a first time dog owner and or someone who has had only retrievers, or small toy breeds, please do not apply!!
A Cane Corso is a large, intelligent, active & powerful dog who can be headstrong at times! The Cane Corso was bred to hunt big game, & protect his family & property.
A Cane Corso needs early & frequent socialization! Always introduce him to your friends and family members!
Always purchase your Cane Corso puppy from a responsible breeder who has the puppies in their home with them, this gives the pup a learning head start second to none! Mundy’s bottom hill Barker always has their pups raised with family surroundings!! A Must!!
With all the above said, no amount of socialization will totally make the Cane Corso an all-around lovie dovie dog with people he does not know, The Cane Corso’s first & foremost  is a family protector & guard dog, & he takes his job very seriously!!!!
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